WK Deer Products has produced "Sweet Rack 18," a premium deer attractant and feed that will help you do just that. "Sweet Rack 18" is made with 18% protein, only the best grains and grain by-products, plus all-natural peanut butter. Formulated by a wildlife nutritionist, "Sweet Rack 18" is a balanced nutritional supplement and attractant that will result in a healthy deer herd.

Use "Sweet Rack 18" year round and keep your deer herd close. The powerful aroma of natural peanut butter will keep deer on your property and bring in deer from neighboring properties and distances. Deer quickly develop a taste for "Sweet Rack 18." Field tests have proven that deer prefer "Sweet Rack 18" over other feeds and attractants. It is a blended feed that is highly palatable, highly digestible, and easily consumed resulting in big deer with maximum antler growth while promoting healthier does, as well.

"Sweet Rack 18" has been field tested in several states from north to south and east to west. However, please check your state regulations for any possible restrictions.

For more information, please call (270) 703-3647.